United Airlines Pilots versus CEO GlennTilton

Pilots of UAL Corp's subsidiary United Airlines made a bold statement, in a letter, yesterday about Chief Executive Officer Glenn F. Tilton. Captain Steve Wallach, chairman of the United Master Executive Council, said, "United Airlines now ranks at the bottom of nearly every performance and customer satisfaction category, and it's financial performance is steadily deteriorating.Under Glenn Tiltons tenure, United has gone from being the finest airline in the world, with the best route structure and safety record, to a she'll of it's former self. He has had every opportunity to turn this company around, and tap the abilities of it's first-class employees, but instead he has run it into the ground. He, on behalf on pilots, is asking the executive to resign.

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Tilton, who has pulled United out of the 2002-2006 bankruptcy, has been in power since September of 2002. He hasn't managed to keep employees happy, nor make a decent effort to improve the airline's on-time performance. 59.3% of United's flights arrived on time in June, the second worst in the nation. Is it Glenn's time to go? Perhaps but it seems as thought the airline was already in trouble prior to his arrival.

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