One of those days...

Ya know those days where you feel strong, confident and on top of the world?Just "full" inside and invincible!

Well, then you also know those days when you just can.not. get. your sh!t together.

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Me too. I really hate those days.

It does make me laugh because it is such a powerfully humbling reminder that you are painfully human and so very "vincible" after all. Or is it uninvincible? Outvincible? Ah, crapSee?

Since apparently I'm human, and human's love to relate to each other, I'm sharing a couple funny incidents that helped jog my memory

1) My grandmother is in the hospital (that's not the funny part). While in a rush to go visit her, I parked my car, locked my doors as I trotted towards the entrance and then reached back to drop my keys in my purse like always. Four hours later, I couldn't find my keys. I asked nurses, I checked lost and found. My grandmother was all smiles saying that now I had to just stay.The only thing left was to re-trace my steps. And that's how I found them.

I almost didn't either! Apparently, when I reached back and dropped them in my purse, I missed my purse and to the soft, silent grass they fell. I was too busy power walking to even notice. How lucky am I that someone else didn't find them?! Phew!

2) It's been a very busy workweek (that started with 5 unexpected hours on a Saturday). Today,I didn't evenget to my lunch until 3 p.m. and I was hungry. I had brought a frozen Healthy Choice entre because I didn't have time to put anything together the night before. Luckily, I keep these for just such an occasion and this one in particular is seriously delicious.

I heated it up and rushed back to my desk to devour it while I worked. But, one corner of the plastic wouldn't detach. I gave it an impatient yank and the whole thing, plastic attached, was sent flying across my cubicle and all over the floor.

On a high note, my whole side of the department has a delicious whiskey/BBQ aroma.

So, it's with a sigh of humble humaness I finish this post. All's well that ends well, right?Now, I'm heading home (running late, of course) to a sweet husband who said he has dinner waiting. Now, I just have to NOT rush.

He also said that everyone knows I'm an adult and I can quit throwing things on the ground to prove it. Hahahahahahaha!

Hope you are riding the high today. If you aren't, then relish in the knowledge you are in very good company riding the pendulum's backswing.

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