A Perfect Insight Into Conversational English

Our students can be masters of conversational English. It's not uncommon for me to hear conversations between students begin with "Dude, last night I." or be peppered with "like"s.

That's why it's especially important to remember to teach meaning as well as grammar, especially when it comes to terms that are important in academics. A few weeks ago in our grammar class, we covered how to combine sentences using dependent words. It's interesting how many "everyday" words that are so key for academic success are such a puzzle for students.

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"Unless" is one I've found many students don't clearly understand. I teach it as an opposite of "if," using plenty of examples. "So that" is another one whose nuances escape many students, but it's idea of intent is important for them to understand. "Even though" is another tricky one.

By including meaning in these grammar lessons, you will better equip students to use the expressions correctly and to understand them in academic reading. So important!

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