Graduation: University of Houston

Since graduating from the University of Houston- Jack J. Valenti School of Communications in December 2013, I have been doing many exciting things. I began working with a nonprofit organization, The Walk for Mental Health Awareness Houston with a new campaign I helped create, "Step In The Lime Light" in efforts to break the stigma. Our goal is to have President Obama illuminate the White House Lime Green during the first full week of October (National Mental Health Awareness Week). We created a social media campaign to began the conversation but using the hashtag #StepInTheLimeLight . There is a great group of about 30 business men and women who are supporting the Walk with our week long events during October 5- 12, 2014. The Walk Houston has a Movie festival,The Walk Dinner, City Hall illumination, and the annual Walk.

So it has been two months since graduation and it is shocking to say that I kinda miss going to school. I guess it could also be that I am working from home rather than going to the office so I at times miss getting up and driving to school. On the other hand, we here in Houston have had an unexpected long winter so it has been great not having to go out the icy weather to get my work done.

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However, there is one thing that I have realized since graduating college. After four amazing yet expensive years ($10,000 in student loans) and a Public Relations degree later, I realized that I really do not see myself doing Public Relations! So now what does one do? Go back to school? Suck it up and just do Public Relations? Or find what that is you enjoy doing and do it?

Well, that is what I did! I had always been told that I was great a graphic design but I always seen it as a hobby rather than a career or job. But for the past two months I have been a freelance graphic designer for my small graphic design company, Trinity Design. And I can not be any happier. I have began doing graphic designs for clients and they have had nothing but positive feedback. So what does one with a Public Relations degree and graphic design background do? Well, I design business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, media kits, newsletters, and website for clients needing marketing support for their businesses. Overall, I can say I am enjoying my time after graduation and who knows maybe I will return for a masters in graphic design?!?

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