ABDevelopment give me my first assignment

On the 5th November 2003 I received an email from a guy called Terence Davis at ABDevelopment. My first assignment was to come up with a product that I was going to sell.

I've pasted his email below :

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By the 1st session appointment the following assignments should be completed. If they are NOT we don't want to waste a session, so let me know 24 hours ahead of time and we can reschedule. If you need to reschedule for any reason, a 24 hour notice is required!

Assignment # 1: Deciding on a Product, and Product Research- We want to start with a product base. When you find a product you would like to promote, reply to me, and I will send you a list of drop shippers for that product. The outline attached has tips on how to focus and decide on a product to sell. This is of course the foundation we work from. A product should be decided when we have our first session.

Let me know if you have questions, and I will talk to you on Friday 11/14/03 @ 10:30PM your time.

Terence @ AB Development


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The Word document that was attached gave some brief details about how to carry out the brainstorming and how to get started identifying a product to sell. The key suggestion was to focus on 'what do I know a lot about' and 'what am I passionate about' and what motivates me. I followed the brief instructions thoroughly, and at the end of the session I ran through the results with my wife. She agreed. From the brainstorming I had done, the ideal product(s) would seem to be PDA's. I was extremely interested in them, knowledgeable about them, and had a definite passion for the technology.

However, there was a problem. The next-to-useless drop shipper list that they had sent me simply did not have anything listed that was even vaguely of any use. So I did not have the drop shipper that they had promised me that they we're going to provide.

Having completed my assignment and realised that the dropshipper list WAS a problem after all, I email Terence at ABDevelopment to make home aware of the problem. Se my email below :

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Hi Terence,

I've completed the brainstorming session and as a result of that Iarrived at PDA's or PDA related products as the thing (or things) that Iwould like to sell. I've been into PDA's since before the Apple Newton and have a good amount of knowledge and interest in them.

However, the drop ship list I was provided with does not seem to have anyone listed who deals with these. What can I do about this ? Do you have anyone who can do drop ship for PDA products ?

Actually, I should point out that there was a lot of websites listed on the drop ship list that just don't exist anymore. It seems to be quite out of date.

I have started doing a temporary job which involves shift work. This has NO impact on either the time I can put into this, or my commitment to it. I am mentioning this because it means that I have this coming Friday off, so it may be easier for both of us if we make Fridays call at an earlier time. Between 3pm - 4pm would be good for me. If the product choice is an issue then I am happy to reschedule to early next week if you prefer. I would rather we we're both happy with the product choice and got things off to a good start (as I'm sure you are). Let me know what you would like to do about Friday.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Chris O'Connor


BTW - my package from ABDevelopment arrived this morning.

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I would not sign myself up for a course such as this and go into it in a half hearted manner. Prior to sign-up, when I was getting grilled about whether I was going to be commited to it, and whether I was the right person, I was astounded that they should expect anything else. I really can't see the point in anyone being presented with an opportunity like this, signing up to to it, and then not doing it properly. I had decided to take a part-time job which would allow me to dedicate more time to what I needed to do to achieve success on Glenn Canady's Gorilla Website Marketing Course. Whatever time they wanted me to dedicate to it, I would do at least twice that. There was no way I was going to fail.

I never did get a reply from Terence. I have no idea why. I sent a further email, this time to Ashley, they person that was my initial contact at ABDevelopment.

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Hi Ashley,

I'm forwarding the email I sent to Terence on Monday about our planned session on Friday. I haven't heard back from him and just want to make sure that he got the email. I don't know if he is out of the office and maybe hasn't got the email yet, or if he hasn't had time to reply yet.

Could you maybe check with him if he got it ok ? I'm concerned it is getting closer to Friday and want to make sure we maximize the benefitof any session we have.

many thanks

Chris O'Connor


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The next day I got an email from ABDevelopment from a lady called Vicky. Here is the email :

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Mr. Terence Davis will not be available to work with you. My name is Vicky, and Glenn assigned me you file to work with you one on one through website construction, and intense marketing. I received your email you sent to Terence about the scheduled appointment on Friday. I have an opening at 4:00PM your time on that day, unless you want to schedule for the next week. Reply to confirm, and I look forward to working with you.

Vicky @ AB Development


End of Paste===============>

I was pleased that Glenn Canady was taking such a personal interest and that he had assigned Vicky to me. I'd like to point out that this is a complete contrast to the way Glenn Canady is behaving now. I've attempted to contact Glenn a number of times regarding the problems I have experienced with his Gorilla Website Marketing Course. Glenn does not want to know. He doesn't want to accept ANY responsibility for it. It's his course, in his name, and he took the money for it, but doesn't want to take responsibility for it !

When I've tried to contact Glenn Canady recently all I get is emails from his people saying it is not their problem, nothing to do with them, and I should contact ABDevelopment. Well, I've sent numerous emails to ABDevelopment, all of which have been ignored. ABDevelopment tell Glenn Canady that they have phoned me and emailed me but I don't respond. So how come all my email gets to me, apart from theirs ? How come there are no messages on my answering machine ? How come there are no 'missed calls' on the phone display ? I think the answer to those questions is pretty obvious. Glenn Canady and ABDevelopment have taken my money, misled me, failed to deliver what they said they would, left me $8000 out of pocket, and are now choosing to ignore me.

Well guys, I don't like being ignored.

Tomorrow I'm going to cover the contents of the Gorilla Website Marketing Package that I received from ABDevelopment. As part of an $8000 package it's got to be pretty amazing, hasn't it ? I'm also going to be looking at how ABDevelopment handled their failure to come up with a dropshipper for me, despite the boasts that that they could find me a dropshipper for ANY product I cared to pick. Then I'll cover the period when ABDevelopment go 'missing in action'.

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