How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business

LinkedIn. While I was still toiling away at a J.O.B and before I became an entrepreneur, I joined LinkedIn because it was a very specific way to connect and grow relationships with other professional women. As an entrepreneur, I am always open to better ways to connect. Recently, I joined a group on LinkedIn called "Linked Strategies." This is a very solid group that publishes a blog. Look what I found there today.

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Top 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business:

1.)Link your status updates with your other social media accounts.Share status updates on your LinkedIn profile and link this with your other social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, etc. By doing this, you are increasing your markets Top of Mind Awareness.

2.)Start a group for you brand or business-Starting and managing your own group on LinkedIn increases Top of Mind Awareness with your target market. It increases incoming leads as well as exposure for your brand or business.

3.)Ask your first-level contacts for introductions to their first-level contacts.Its amazing how far an introduction can take you. Why, you are leveraging other peoples trust and credibility with those they know.

4.)Share articles related to your brand or business-Sharing articles which may be useful to your connections can build your credibility.

5.)Look for connections related to your business/brand-Adding connections who are related to your business/brand provides you opportunities to meet the right people that can do business with you.

6.)Answer questions in Questions and Answers-Helping out people and posting questions at the same time on LinkedIns Questions and Answers builds credibility.

7.)Creating an event on LinkedIn-Creating and event on LinkedIn is really easy and is highly ranked in search results.

8.)Send re-engagement messages to your connections-Reconnect to your connections is a great way to drum up new business directly or from referrals.

9.)Invite experts related to you market to be a guest blogger on your blog-This is a very effective way to gain peoples trust on your brand/business. Inviting someone who is already an expert in your target market will position you as an authority, building credibility.

10.) Interact with LinkedIn Connections Regularly-And last but not the least; it may be the most overrated but definitely one of the most effective ways Interact with your LinkedIn connections. Interacting with your connections will show them you are open to talking and approachable.

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