We put together the following Inventors Kit to help you save money and get your idea moving in the right direction.

1. First and foremost, most inventors’ ideas turn out to already be patented. A simple online Patent Search can sometimes determine if there are similar ideas in the Patent Office.

Here is a link to the Google Patent Search Engine that is free and easy to use:

Probably 50% of inventors find their idea already exists just though this simple search. If you don’t find anything there that’s a good sign.

2. Next, in case you are considering Patenting, you should download and complete an Invention Disclosure Form. The Disclosure Form is intended to help get the idea down on paper in a more Patentable format. This will help you gather your information and speed up the process should you choose to work with a Patent Agent or Attorney. Approaching the Agent or Attorney with the right information in place will save time and money.

Download Invention Disclosure Form 

3. If you are considering patenting take a look at this video on what is Patentable:

Watch Video

4. Are you thinking of selling or licensing your idea? If you are here is a video our company President Vince The Invention guy created to give you some pointers on the process:

Watch Video

5. Finally, will have one of our Directors of New Product Development contact you to explain different Patenting options that may be of interest to you. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

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