'Kiwi' Flight Attendants

Napier, so nice to meet you. You look stunning. (First impressions are everything you know Especially if they are going to be housing you for 112 days!)

Yes, I have arrived, and in nearly not broken spirits too. It is SO good to see my Uncle, and I get to see everyone else later this afternoon! I have to admit my flight from Vancouver to Auckland wasn't my favourite, but only because I was blessed with severe motion sickness, so instead of sleeping, I was nauseous. Very nauseous. But, on the bright side *SILVER LINING ALERT* (my friend will get that reference) I got to sit where the flight attendants sit during take off and landing, and not sit next to the man smoking grape flavoured water vapours for all 14 hours of the flight, which is where I was originally supposed to sit. One flight attendant, Mary-Jo, sat with me making small talk, that wasn't even that awkward, kept me topped up with saltines and ginger ale and even rubbed my back. What a saint. I did not sleep a wink and can officially say that I have a pulled an all-nighter.

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The topic of this post is 'Kiwi' Flight Attendants for good reason. Nothing, and I seriously mean nothing, will get you more excited to go to New Zealand than 8 or 10 identically dressed, ridiculously adorable, full-on Kiwi accented, delicately hand gesturing flight attendants. You think Canadians are polite You haven't met these women! Not only my new found friend, Mary-Jo, but EVERY one of those ladies we're kindhearted and super sweet! And not even that over-the-top annoying sweet, like genuinely sweet. You should have seen my comment card, oi! It was overflowing with compliments.

I've aged an entire day without even trying Weird rabbit time hole But I will get that whole day back on my way home.

My room here in NZ is amazing! I am excited to put all of my things in their new places, but first I'm going to take a nap. Like a hibernation length nap.

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